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Why Is Mental Health Important?

A lot of people are unaware of the severity of mental disorders. Some think that these are ways to escape reality or conditions you can talk yourself out of. The truth is that they are very real disorders with many negative effects on one's life if they do not receive treatment.

Below is a list of reasons why everyone should learn and understand what good mental health looks like and how to maintain it:

Mental Illness Makes You Feel Isolated and Alone

It is common for people suffering from anxiety or depression to believe no one else has gone through similar experiences. Depression can make you feel disconnected from others, especially if one isolates themselves due to social anxiety, while panic attacks may cause individuals to think they are having a heart attack and become even more nervous about leaving the house. If you keep your depression hidden out of fear of judgment or pity and do not know where to turn or what help is available, it is easy to be alone with these issues.

Lack of Treatment Can Lead to Drug Abuse

Drug abuse affects millions of lives every year through addiction, overdoses, and death caused by illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin. People suffering from depression may turn to antidepressants to lift their moods. However, if their dosage is incorrect or they take them irregularly, they may risk becoming addicted to the drug. Those with anxiety disorders may rely on prescription benzodiazepines to calm themselves during an anxious moment. This can develop into a dependency once the medication stops working as effectively as it did.

You Can’t Simply Talk Your Way Out of Mental Illness

Many people believe that if they stop feeling anxious, depressed or panicky, all will be well. They think that by visiting a therapist who asks them to speak about their feelings, they understand how to fix everything internally through positive thinking, and there is no reason for them not to overcome the disorder at the moment. However, mental health does not work this way. It requires far more than positive thinking but is something you must learn over months and years of treatment rather than days or weeks.

Treating Mental Health Is an Ongoing Process

It has been estimated that around half of those suffering from mental health issues recover completely, while others experience some or all symptoms throughout their lives. Therapy can help individuals learn how to control how they think, feel, and behave to feel empowered with a renewed sense of self-belief and energy, especially if they have suffered from depression or anxiety for many years. It takes time and effort before individuals begin to notice any changes in themselves. This will not happen overnight, as with physical illnesses.

Mental health is important to overall well being because it affects how one interacts with the world, emotional stability, cognitive abilities, and physical wellbeing. Without mental health, people cannot function in social or work settings.

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