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Youth Mental Health Literacy

Sima Health Consultancy provides youth mental health literacy. 


This is an educational program focused on the wellness, prevention, pre-disease level. We convey information on youth mental disorders, other mental health issues, mental illness mitigation, health maintenance, improved access to mental health care services and early treatment. We provide educational programs and help improve access to mental health services to youth in urban and underserved remote communities.


Our literacy programs concentrate on youth mental health and are delivered through online courses, publications, seminars, workshops and retreats.

Outcomes: youth will learn to identify mental health issues and problems when they occur. They will understand and be able to share their concerns with others, thus minimizing emotional distress. Youth will also learn coping and other skills that build resilience.  

Parents and caregivers will improve their understanding of youth mental problems and be able to act decisively and promptly.

Target population

Youth: all young people, including disadvantaged and marginalized; those living in remote areas and from communities of Black, Indigenous and other People of Color. 

Parents: Increase parental capacity by informing them to know more, be able to identify youth mental health issues and disorders and seek help early.

'Gatekeeper' Training: For frontline workers in schools and youth community agencies to have a better understanding, be able to identify, act decisively and provide appropriate support for youth in their care.

Youth Looking at a map on an outdoor trial

About our Consultant

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