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Seven Issues that Affect the Mental Health of the Youth

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Everyone strives to be the best, and it has become an everyday struggle for parents and teachers. Youth have many expectations from their parents and guardians as they have been told from childhood that their grades and behavior define their future life. The well-being of the youth is a major concern these days, since most of them suffer from some form of mental health disorder that needs to be taken care of. Here are seven issues that affect the mental health of young people:

1) The Pressure from Society and Parents

Most cultures worldwide educate youth to live up to the expectations of their society, parents, and teachers, which leads them to a path where they can never win, because no matter what they do, they will never be perfect. That leads to a major issue where the child/ student cannot deal with the pressure and may even lead to depression or other mental health disorders.

2) Imbalanced diet

It is hard for children, especially teenagers, to maintain a balanced diet due to a lack of time and interest in other activities that take up most of their time. Parents think that feeding junk food will keep their kids happy. However, that has adverse effects on their health, leading them to depression because they get easily tired at school while dealing with heavy homework and projects, which may leave them drained out physically and mentally. Low energy levels contribute to laziness, not coping with social pressures, leading to mental health disorders.

3) Bullying

Bullying is one of the major issues these days, as most people are insecure about themselves, which makes them loud-mouthed towards other people who cannot express their views appropriately. There have been multiple cases where students have committed suicide just because their peers were being bullied at school or college. Parents attempt to educate their children on how they should behave with others. However, it becomes difficult for kids to deal with them, leading them to develop depression and anxiety disorders.

4) Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation affects one's body's natural sleep cycle, making them more tired throughout the day, interfering with their school and college work. Ultimately, it leads them to depression because they cannot cope with the pressure. That makes one irritable and angry towards others as they lack patience.

5) Technology

As technology has made everything possible for people, they have become dependent on gadgets, which causes a strain in relationships where people have become lonely even if others surround them. It causes addiction which interferes with a healthy relationship, causing a major issue where one starts facing social anxiety issues making them depressed or anxious throughout the day.

6) Drug abuse

Drugs affect an individual's mental health, mainly affecting teenagers as they stimulate certain chemicals in their brain, which hamper their logical thinking skills, leading them to depression, panic attacks, and other issues.

7) Unsatisfactory relationships

Currently, most people face a crisis of not trusting anyone due to their negative experiences in the past. That makes them shy away from developing any relationship with others, causing depression as they lack social support, making them feel isolated all the time.

Life has become difficult for youth today, since they need to handle several aspects, leading them into mental disorders impacting their happiness levels throughout their lives. However, they must deal with this situation by prioritizing their activities according to their interests rather than blindly following others. That will lead to a long life full of happiness and success rather than one filled with misery and failures.

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