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Substance Use

Substance Use Prevention and Our Youth

Dealing with substance use can be difficult enough for anyone, especially for those with a substance use disorder. Discovering a potential substance use concern in young people could possibly be even more troublesome. Recognizing substance use in young people, however, isn't necessarily a bad news/bad news situation. The truth is, prevention of a lifetime of substance abuse is even more likely if it can be recognized at its earliest stages.

Substance use prevention is always the first line of defense, it is hard to begin anything let alone substance use if it is never started. That is the key to prevention, and it is through the sharing of information and resources, the teaching of skills and tools, and the efforts of people from Sima Health Consultancy that make a difference. Prevention is the first line of defense for our youth against substance use, but sometimes the first line is broken.

What do you do when you discover your child has begun using a substance like alcohol or other drugs? Who do you turn to? What do you say to them? How can you make them stop? Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, friends, and so many have asked these questions. The goal at Sima Health Consultancy is to help provide some answers to those questions, and most importantly the help that young people need.

For more information about the tools, resources, and help offered by Sima Health Consultancy, contact us today, and let us help to ensure a bright tomorrow for your youth. Through activities such as seminars, retreats, workshops, online courses and publications, Sima Health Consultancy works to make a difference for our young people today. One child, one student, one success story at a time, because every young person is an investment in our tomorrow.

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