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Workshops and Seminars for Youth Mental Health

At Sima Health Consultancy, we strive to assist our youth and those supporting our young people with mental health issues. Through seminars, workshops, and publications the goal is simple, to provide information to boost mental wellness in our youth. The goal at Sima Health Consultancy is to do this using an evidence-informed, culturally relevant approach.

One area where workshops, publications, and seminars are focused is that of preventative measures. By providing students, youth, parents, educators, and others with valuable information regarding the prevention of substance use, anxiety, depression and suicide, these issues can sometimes be stopped before they start.

Through a range of different platforms and workshops, information is shared regarding the need to maintain the health and well-being of our youth. These programs also teach skills that promote action towards that aim as well. Sima Health Consultancy also provides, information on how to access the health care system for early treatment and where to find help in the community.

 Along with exchanging valuable information and sharing resources, these programs are designed to teach young people skills to help build coping mechanisms and healthy ways to deal with adversity.  Sima Health Consultancy also focuses on providing mental health education programs to youth in urban and underserved, remote communities.

If you would like to learn more about Sima Health Consultancy or about how to help your student, class, or youth group, contact us today.


Our children are our future, but tomorrow for them begins with today.

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