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Causes of Teen Suicide

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

When a teenager dies by suicide, people wish to know the reason as to why they did so. The number of teen suicide cases has been increasing at a high rate over recent years. This raises a lot of questions as to what parents might not be doing right. Below are various reasons that have proven to be the top causes of teen suicides.

Emotional causes

Emotional factors are the leading causes of suicide among teenagers. An example of such a factor is depression. In its severe stage, depression can make it challenging for individuals to carry out their daily activities. The person with such depression tends to isolate themselves from other people, which is a triggering factor for suicide.

Another emotional cause of suicide is terminal illnesses. Many teenagers do not expect to suffer from terminal illnesses because they still have their best years ahead of them. Therefore, when a young person is diagnosed with such illnesses, it can be challenging to accept the situation. If the person is in extreme denial, the chances are high that they will suffer depression, leading to suicide.

Environmental causes

Environmental causes of suicide are the factors within an individual's environment that could trigger suicidal thoughts. These factors vary depending on a person's environment and their ability to withstand stress. Below are some of the environmental factors that can trigger suicide among the youth.


Life presents many chances that could lead to disappointment. Unfortunately, a large number of teenagers do not know how to deal with disappointments and, therefore, choose to die by suicide when highly disappointed. An example of common disappointment is failing a test that could have determined an individual's scholarship. If an intervention is not done, the teenager might develop depression, thus leading to suicide.


Given the current technological advancements, the cases of cyberbullying have risen at a high rate. Extreme cyberbullying cases often result in attempted suicide. Bullying is done in the form of hate speech and is common among teenagers. The youths also tend to bully one another in learning institutions. In some cases, it is necessary for parents and teachers to intervene. However, if the student does not speak out about the bullying, they end up thinking about suicide because they did not communicate about the bullying.


Most young people do not have much experience in relationship matters. The chances are high that a large number of teenagers have only been in a romantic relationship once. Therefore, when they face rejection in such relationships, they are likely to develop emotional issues that can trigger teen suicide. The rejection can also occur in families, especially in the case of drug-addicted parents.

If you notice that a teenager is expressing signs that they might be suicidal, it is important to intervene. The intervention can be done by family members by seeking professional help. The earlier the intervention is done, the better. Early signs to look for are depression, isolation, and other behavioral changes.

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