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Mental Health Literacy is the Answer

Promoting mental health, helping our young people, and ensuring that every child gets the care they need begins with mental health literacy. At Sima Health Consultancy, the staff and team strive to expand and promote mental health for youth using the tools of mental health literacy. This might look like promoting journaling for youth to know their value and self worth, teaching resilience building skills in a workshop, or informing parents to enable them to know more about youth mental disorders and act through a seminar.  Youth and their families are well informed, allowing them to make appropriate health care decisions and maintain well-being. This is the power of mental health literacy.

Through the health literacy efforts of Sima Health Consultancy, youth mental health and well-being  can be improved. Drug use can be stemmed, anxiety and depression can be managed, suicide can be prevented, and parents can be more knowledgeable on mental disorders and be in control. That speaks volumes and that speaks to the importance of mental health literacy.

Understanding, knowledge, and the skills to help promote youth mental health will change the world for young people today, tomorrow, and forever. Does that sound too big, too far-reaching? Remember, it wasn't all that long ago when the world thought that issues like bipolar disorder and depression were the end of one's life as they knew it. Today, with treatment and the proper care, millions of people with these diagnoses live full, happy, and healthy lives.

Promoting youth mental health and making it better, begins with literacy. Sima Health Consultancy offers many options and services to achieve this. For more information or collaboration, contact Sima Health Consultancy today.

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