Youth Mental Health Literacy


Sima Health Consultancy educates youth and families on youth mental disorders, illness prevention, health maintenance and health system navigation for access and early treatment. As well, we teach skills and provide other resources that help youth cope in adversity.


We seek to collaborate with community agencies, school boards and corporations to enhance and invest in youth mental health, through the services we provide.  

Our publications are indispensable resources for youth mental health promotion.



An expertly designed cross-cultural journal for youth. This journal allows youth to challenge their thoughts and feelings in a personal, private space, to find their True Self, know their value, have mental well-being and function at a higher level.

  • Non-judgemental space to explore.

  • Includes mental health checklist.

  • Builds resilience and self worth.

  • Self improvement and personal growth.

  • Time away from harmful screen time.

  • Psychological self care.


C$19.99 Price

My Self-Discovery Journal