Health Literacy with Adolescent Mental Health Focus.

Sima Health Consultancy educates youth and families on youth mental disorders, illness prevention, health maintenance and health system navigation for access and early treatment. As well, we teach skills and provide other resources that help youth cope in adversity.


We collaborate with community agencies, school boards and corporations to enhance and invest in youth mental health.  

Our publications are indispensable resources for youth mental health promotion.


My self-discovery Journal
  • A mental wellness resource for 10 - 24 year olds that promotes self discovery, mental health and resilience.

  • A health promotion tool to explore, gain insight and act on life, feelings and beliefs.

  • A resource for self reflection, awareness of true self and value.

  • A safe private place to express innermost thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way.

  • Reinforces youth positive self image, improve mental wellbeing and build psychological resilience to cope in adversity.

  •  A quiet space during “Alone time” to work through complex feelings, find meaning and develop identity.

  • A tangible alternative to digital journaling which decreases the  harmful effect of screen time on youth mental health

  • Provides information on community mental health supports.

  • Includes early self-mental health screening and how to seek help.

  • Provides an additional health assessment record for mental health care professionals when needed.

  • Builds youth sense of self, self-confidence and self-determination.

Know your value. Claim your worth.

This health promotion paperback informs adolescents across all provinces and territories in Canada on current information on cannabis and other substances. It helps them understand the harmful effects of substance use on their physical and mental health. Through discussions on the benefits of drug-free living, suggestions on ways to live their best lives and where to find support, adolescents are empowered to stay in control, resist substance use and live happy, meaningful lives.

Available online in e-books and paperback formats.