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Drug addiction among the youth

Drug addiction has become one of the most common problems among the youth. Unfortunately, a large number of young people do not know that they are becoming addicted to drugs. They only realize it when it is already late, and they need rehabilitation.

What causes addiction?

There are many things that cause addiction, and the leading cause is the failure to achieve goals. Youths set a lot of goals regarding their career and starting a family. In some cases, it becomes challenging to achieve such goals, resulting in mental disturbance. A large number of youths decide to solve the mental disturbance by consuming drugs. Eventually, the habit of drug consumption might turn into an addiction which is challenging to stop.

Another reason a young person might become a drug addict is growing up in a family characterized by violence and drug abuse. Such an environment disrupts the mental wellbeing of an individual, and the person might choose to seek comfort in drugs. Such people believe that drugs help them forget the bad thoughts in their life. In turn, they find themselves consuming drugs regularly, which is how they end up being addicts.

How to know one is addicted to drugs

The main indicator of drug addiction is individuals who cannot perform their daily tasks without consuming drugs. In this case, you might notice that the person is always high and might seem absent-minded. The individual’s productivity in the workplace might be reduced, and they might be unable to cooperate with other workers as expected.

Another indication of drug addiction is isolation. If the person is social and begins to keep their distance or is always locked in their room, the chances are high that they are using drugs. The person might also seem irritable whenever in the company of other people and will always make excuses to be alone. Ideally, a behavior change is the first indication that a person is taking drugs and might have become an addict. However, the best way to determine whether the person is using drugs is to search their room for drugs.

What to do

If you notice that you or your loved one has become addicted to drugs, it is necessary to intervene with a helpful solution. One of the best solutions is to take the person to rehab, since this would help them quit the drugs.

If the drug addiction is not severe to an extent where immediate help is needed, family members or friends can help the person reduce their drug consumption rate. Eventually, the person will no longer be consuming drugs regularly, which means the chances of being an addict will be reduced.

In some cases, it is important to identify the risk factors that facilitate drug addiction among young people. Once such factors have been identified, the person can enroll in different programs that will allow them to talk about their troubling factors. This will improve the mental health of the individual, thus reducing their chances of becoming an addict.

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